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The Uttarakhand Medical Service Selection Board at Dehradun was established, by an Act, enacted by the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly and assented by the Governor on 06 April 2015 by the Uttarakhand Govt-Act-No108/xxxvi(3)/2015/26(1)/2015. The State has been facing a long standing problem with their health services. To solve this issue, an efficient system of human resource management and entertainment activities was implemented to provide better care for everyone in need! We are committed to the development and improvement of healthcare. Our medical service fulfills a long standing need for improved efficiency through system management that provides quality care with justifiable resources, while achieving high performance standards through strong teamwork among all stakeholders involved – patients too!

Composition of the board

Appointment of Chairman and Member

Power and duties of Chairman and other Member

Terms of Office and conditions of service of Member

Disqualification for being the Chairman or other Member

Power to Associate 

Proceeding of the Board not to be invalidated

Secretary of the Board

Authentication of the orders of the Board